Friday, 29 June 2012

Ferrari 246F1"Dino"

                                                            Tony at home with #1
                                                           Signing the prototype
                                                            Signing the prototype

I believe I can actually hear and smell the real thing!!

Certificate of authenticity supplied with each model
Javan at Bonham's Goodwood Revival 2011

Hard at it!

Predominance of Low Drag E-Types and 250GTO's

Reference Books, and more Reference Books....


  1. Really love your work - truly inspirational!


    1. Dear PL. Thank you very much for your kind comment which I have just found on my blog 6 months too late!!
      As I don't have one model of my own, I have decided to retire in the new year and concentrate on making my own collection of my own models - something I have never had, 25 in all!!!! Thanks again. Javan